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I have binged your Taking The Pressure Off videos today, and I’m hooked. You are an engaging, authentic teacher and an incredibly calming influence.

- Ashley

Good stuff, as always. I love being reminded to keep it all in perspective! This one decision - where to go to college - should not dominate their entire life! Have fun, and be who you are.

- Stacie

Thank you for this, always such great info!! I’m working on quieting “the noise”. I have a senior this year, who feels he found the right fit for him.

- Tiffanie

I'm catching up on these today on my walks. Such a boost of confidence! Thank you!

- Kelly

Thank you so much! That was fantastic and informative. Watching Episode 2 now.

- Sandra

Thanks for taking the pressure off me and my student.

- Michele

I love your message. I now have hope that my junior can still get into college without founding a nonprofit or finding a cure for cancer this summer! Thank you for the reality check.

- Jamie

Awesome thank you!! I’ve listened to your two free FB live, the first one about 3x, I wanted to be sure I heard everything and I’ll do the same with the one today and the ones that follow.

- Don

Taking the Pressure Off

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Lisa McLaughlin, M.Ed.

Your college admissions strategist

Professionally, Lisa’s career in admissions counseling began 25+ years ago as a middle school college-readiness tutor serving low-income youth while a student at UC Santa Barbara. After graduating with a B.A. in English, Lisa returned to UCSB for a Master’s Degree in Education and English teaching credential. Her five years of specific English teaching experience at both the middle and high school levels honed her ability to teach students strategies for writing college admissions and scholarship essays.

She went on to become the lead coordinator of a college readiness program for students in grades 6-12 where she planned and led various college tours, assisted students with college applications and admissions essays, prepared students for the rigors of advanced high school courses, met with college admissions representatives, led national staff development all over the United States and developed relationships with directors of admissions at higher educational institutions throughout the country. During this time, she became an application reader for The University of California where she broadened her understanding of holistic application review and saw first-hand the “business” of college admission. Lisa ended her public education tenure as a high school administrator.

In 2004, she launched EDvantage Consulting, Inc., where she has provided thousands of families with a comfortable environment in which educational goals are broadened and students are motivated to achieve their highest academic and emotional potentials.

For 17 years, Lisa has empowered students and parents to take control of their own college admissions process. Encouraging self-advocacy, bringing a wealth of college admissions knowledge to critical planning conversations, and providing families with the highest level of personalization and expertise has been the firm's mission.

A teacher at heart, Lisa greatly enjoys both the 1:1 personalized approach to counseling, as well as group coaching and presenting college admissions information in a way that deeply resonates with both students and parents. The path to college admission doesn’t need to feel so overwhelming. This is why Lisa created The Admissions Formula, to help parents calmly navigate a process that’s frankly gotten way out of control.

Lisa was one of the founding Orange County, CA’s professional members of IECA, the Independent Educational Consultants Association. She was also one of seven IECA members selected to be on IECA's College Committee. In 2010, Lisa was appointed a position by Roger Rossier to USC's School Counseling Advisory Board. She also supervised counseling interns from Chapman University's School Counseling program.

Her dedication to providing the most comprehensive and up to date college admissions information and support compels her passion to continuously develop relationships with college admissions reps., high school counselors, and colleagues throughout the nation.